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Cisco 500-651 Certification Dumps

News for you, Cisco 500-651 certification dumps have been released, which contain 78 questions and answers. Share Cisco 500-651 exam sample questions below.

Which three are deployment options for E-mail Security? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, B, E

Which license subscription terms are available for AMP licensing?
A. 1 month 3 months 6 months
B. 1 year. 5 years. 10 years
C. 5 years 10 years 30 years
D. 1 year. 3 years. 6 years
Answer: D

Which feature of AnyConnect provides you the ability to identify data breaches as they happen?
A. Flexible AAA Options
B. Network Visibility Module
C. Differentiated Mobile Access
D. Trusted Network Detection
Answer: B

Which AMP feature is provided by fuzzy fingerprinting?
A. Identifies specific instances of malware with a signature-based approach
B. Automatically detects polymorphic variants of known malware
C. Provides recursive DNS lookup services
D. Identifies new malware using statistical modeling and analytics engines
Answer: B

How does AMP’s device trajectory capabilities help address customer s issues?
A. It determines the scope and cause of an outbreak and tracks suspicious files
B. It searches for potential threats based on identified activities and behaviors
C. It isolates suspicious files and runs them in a sandbox environment to determine their authenticity
D. It analyses the data from suspicious files to provide a new level of threat intelligence
Answer: C

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