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[2018 Passtcert Update] Cisco 400-151 exam answers

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Share some CCIE Data Center 400-151 exam questions and answers below.
Which cisco UCS Director features enables you to view the REST API URL for every report display in cisco UCS Director?
A. Orchestration features set
B. REST API Brower
C. Automation feature set
D. Report metadata
Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

Which twostatements about this configuration command sequence with regards to the Cisco Nexus5500are true?(Choose two.)
A. It configures this node to use OEFC2A as the first 3 bytes of the FPMA.
B. It configures this node to use OEFC2A as the last 3 bytes of the FPMA.
C. It configures this node to use FCID OEFC2A to forward the FDISC to when an endpoint is connected.
D. It reserves this FCID so only this node can use this FCID when communicating with other FiberChannel entities.
E. It permits this node to formFCoE ISLs only with other nodes configured for the same FC-MAP
Answer: AC

In which location can device package logs be found?
A. /data//logs
C. /data/devicescript/loga
D. /Var/logs/dme/log//logs
E. /var/sysmgr/tmp_logs//logs
Answer: B

Which three statements are true about redistribution of routes from L30uts in an ACI fabric?(Choosethree.)
A. Routes learned from L30uts on border leaf switches are not redistributed into MP-BGP at theingressleaF.
B. Route control subnets control the exchange of routing information(prefixes) intoand out of thefabric(Control plane)
C. Security import subnets control the forwarding of packets into and out of L30ut connections(dataplane).
D. Routes are not redistributed to leaf switches where the same VRF is present.
E. ACI fabric runs MP-BGP
Answer: BCE

Which three options are benefits of the VPC peers switch feature?(Choose 3)
A. It eliminates the recommendation to pin the STP root to the Vpc primary switch
B. It allows a pair of the vPC peer devices to appear as a single STP root in the layer 2
C. After the peer link comes up, it performs an ARP bulk sync over CFSoE to the peer switch
D. It improves convergences for layer 3 flows
E. It simplifies STP configuration by configuration both Vpcs with the same STP priority
Answer: ABE

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