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Share some CCNA Wireless 200-355 exam questions and answers below.
Which governing body analyzes the applications and environments in which wireless networks are used?





E. WiFi Alliance

Answer: D

Which RRM feature allows an access point to avoid non-IEEE 802.11 interference?



C. RF groups

D. coverage hole detection

Answer: A

An engineer is trying to determine from the controller CLI whether or not Telnet is enabled on the wireless controller.

Which command can be entered to display this information?

A. show network summary

B. show aaa auth

C. show radius summary

D. show ldap statistics

Answer: A

An engineer assists a user in configuring an Android device for authentication to an IEEE 802.1x EAP WLAN with PEAPv1.

The Phase 2 authentication should be configured as which option?





Answer: B

A wireless engineer has an access point using the 5.725-GHz channel in the United States.

In which band is the AP operating?



C. UNII-2 Extended


Answer: C

Which statement about an infrastructure basic service set is true according to IEEE 802.11 specifications?

A. The set also is called an ad hoc network.

B. The BSSID is generated from the first wireless client that starts up in the IBSS.

C. The set enables the use of ESS.

D. No signals are relayed from one client to another client.

Answer: C

A customer cannot access the GUI on the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller from the management interface due to network failure.

Which interface can the customer use to access the WLC GUI until the network issues are resolved?

A. virtual

B. dynamic

C. console port

D. service port

Answer: D

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