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Update 210-065 Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0

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Share some CCNA Collaboration 210-065 exam questions and answers below.
Which scheduling and management application can be installed on any hardware platform that meets the minimum specifications that the end customer decides to deploy?

A. Cisco Video Communications

B. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite

C. Cisco Digital Media Manager

D. Cisco TelePresence Management Switch

E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer: B

Which DHCP option is used by video endpoints to locate the Cisco Communications Manager TFTP server to download the endpoints configuration?

A. option 43

B. option 82

C. option 150

D. option 176

E. option 242

Answer: C

Which optional feature is available for some video endpoints to enable multiparty calls to be hosted directly on the local endpoint?

A. WebEx enabled Cisco TelePresence

B. Multiway

C. Multisite

D. MeetMe

E. ad hoc

Answer: C

Topic 2, Endpoint Configuration

A network engineer wants to automate the monitoring of Cisco TelePresence TX systems.

Which step should the engineer take first?

A. Configure Cisco TMS on the codec.

B. Configure Medianet on the codec.

C. Configure NTP on the codec.

D. Configure Multiway on the codec.

E. Configure SNMP on the codec.

Answer: E

A Unified Communications engineer wants to configure a Cisco TelePresence SX endpoint using static IP addressing to use a different TFTP server.

Which path will allow the engineer to complete this configuration?

A. Network Services > Network 1 > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off

B. Network > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off

C. Network Services > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off

D. Configuration > System Configuration > Provisioning > Set the External Manager Address

Answer: D

During the initial setup of the Cisco TelePresence System 500, you are required to do an initial camera setup that fails.

What might be a primary reason that the failure occurs?

A. The camera cannot focus on the target.

B. The room is too dark.

C. The system is too far away from the target.

D. The cable to the camera is not connected correctly.

Answer: B

An engineer is creating a system backup on a Cisco VCS.

Which two options describe characteristics of Cisco VCS backups? (Choose two.)

A. The backup can be sent to the remote SFTP server.

B. The backup can be encrypted with a password.

C. The backup can be sent to additional servers in the cluster.

D. The backup is valid for 30 days.

E. The backup is stored in Cisco TMS.

F. The backup is only downloadable locally.

Answer: B, F

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