Huawei H13-612-ENU practice test pdf dumps

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Share some HCNA H13-612-ENU exam questions and answers below.
After the UltraPath is installed on an application server, its operating system can automatically identify the disks mapped from a storage device without being restarted.



Answer: B

In HUAWEI OceanStor V3, which licensed feature is best described as: periodically detects hotspot data and promotes them from low-speed storage media to high-speed media.

A. SmartMove

B. SmartMigration

C. SmartMotion

D. SmartTier

Answer: D

In HUAWEI OceanStor V3, which of the following are characteristics of virtual snapshot LUN? (Multiple Choice)

A. Virtual snapshot is based on the pointers specified in a mapping table.

B. A snapshot LUN cannot be mapped to hosts.

C. A full data replication is unnecessary.

D. Data is located using a mapping table.

Answer: ACD

Which of the following statements about the expansion modules in a controller or a disk enclosure of a storage device are correct? (Multiple Choice)

A. The expansion modules in a disk enclosure enable communication between the disk enclosure and a controller enclosure or another disk enclosure.

B. The disk expansion modules in a controller include a PRI expansion module and an EXP expansion module.

C. Expansion port PRI must connect to expansion port EXP.

D. Huawei storage devices typically use Fibre Channel ports as expansion ports.

Answer: AC

Which are characteristics of the HUAWEI OceacStor V3 hardware? (Multiple Choice)

A. SAN and NAS convergence

B. SSD and HDD convergence

C. No need for heterogeneous convergence

D. Primary and Backup convergence

Answer: ABD

When you use the serial port to log in to a HUAWEI OceanStor V3 series storage device, which is the correct baud rate?

A. 2400

B. 4800

C. 9600

D. 115200

Answer: D

In HUAWEI OceanStor V3, which of the following statements about mapping a snapshot is true?

A. Mapped snapshots are always Read-Only.

B. Snapshots optionally can be mapped to multiple hosts.

C. Snapshots can only be mapped to a the same host the original LUN was mapped to.

D. All of the answers are true.

Answer: B

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