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Share some HCS-Pre-sales-Transmission Network H19-302-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following reason may cause SDH “management unit pointer missing” alarm? (Multiple choice)

A. Transmitter timing failure

B. The transmitter is not configured with cross-board service

C. Receive error code is too large

D. PCM branch failure

Answer: ABC

From the functional level, which of several parts does ASON consist of? (Multiple choice)

A. Management Plane

B. Control Plane

C. Transfer plane

D. Physical Plane

Answer: ABC

OTU boards in the OSN 8800 series do not use centralized crossover, single-wave 10G, and service granularity is less than 10G. What kind of boards are used?





Answer: A

In order to use the official telephone, which byte must be enabled by Microwave SDH channel machine?

A. D1

B. E1

C. D2

D. E2

Answer: B

Which of the following functions can SDH network management usually achieve? (Multiple choice)

A. SDH alarm display

B. SDH electrical port business configuration

C. SDH electrical port loopback test

D. SDH optical port performance monitoring

Answer: ABCD

Which of the following components do 100G key technologies consist of? (Multiple choice)

A. WDM side interface technology

B. OTN processing technology

C. Client-side interface technology

Answer: ABC

What is the name of the MS OTN?

A. Packet Enhanced Optical Transport Network

B. Multi-service optical transport network

C. Packet Exchange Optical Transport Network

Answer: B

Which of the following business patterns cannot coexist in the air interface? (Multiple choice)

A. Native E1 +MPLS Eth


C. CES E1 + Native Eth

D. MPLS Eth + Native Eth

Answer: CD

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