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Share some IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist C9010-251 exam questions and answers below.
A client want to move LPARs between servers to eliminate planned downtime.

Which product provides this capability?

A. PowerVM Standard Edition

B. PowerVC Enterprise Edition

C. PowerVP Standard Edition

D. PowerVM Enterprise Edition

Answer: D

What is a benefit provided by the implementation of Shared Storage Pools as a disk storage solution?

A. Provides the capability to rapidly provision new storage LUNs to virtual clients.

B. Reduces the storage management tasks performed by the server system administrator.

C. Minimizes the role of the VIO Server aid uses it only as a pass though for virtual disk adapters.

D. Reduces the memory requirement in the VIO Server.

Answer: C

A customer will be using an S822L and PowerKVM. They want to know how they will attach a console to their machine over the network during installation. Which console solution should they use?




D. Virsh

Answer: D

Which S822 storage feature is required for Easy Tier?

A. Eight SFF-3 bays I six 1 .8-inch SSD bays with Du IOA

B. Twelve SFF-3 bays with split backplane (6+6) with second integrated SAS controller

C. EXP24S SAS HOD/SSD Expansion Drawer with dual IOA

D. Twelve SFF-3 bays with one integrated SAS controller

Answer: C

A customer received a Total Cost of Ownership analysis report detailing the financial benefits of consolidating multiple systems onto virtual partitions on Power Scale-out servers. Which of the following directly affects the power and cooling expense estimates based on the report?

A. Floor space and software licenses

B. Rack space and application management

C. Floor and rack space

D. Software license aid maintenance

Answer: C

A customer would like a development Power S824L running PowerVM for tree three Linux partitions. Each partition needs redundant LAN and SAN adapters.

Which solution supports the minimum requirement?

A. Two 146GB disk drivers

Two 4-port LAN adapters

Two 4-port SAN adapters,

One VIO Server

B. Two 146GB disk drives

Two 4-port LAN adapters

Two 4-port SAN adapters

C. Six 146GB disk drives

Six 4-port LAN adapters

Six 4-port SAN adapters

D. Four 146GB disk drives

Four 4-port LAN adapters

Four 4-port SAN adapters

Two VIO Servers

Answer: A

Which of the following are required in order to utilize Live Partition Mobility?

A. PowerVM Enterprise Edition

SAN attached disk

Virtual Ethernet

B. Dedicated processors

PowerVM Enterprise Edition

Virtual Ethernet

C. Dedicated processors

Dual VIO Servers

SAN attached disk

Virtual Ethernet

D. Dual VIO Servers

PowerVM Enterprise Edition

SAN attached disk

Two virtual processors

Answer: A

A customer is considering a purchase of an S812L. One PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer is required to meet the I/O adapter requirements.

How many rack units (EIA) are required?

A. 7

B. 8

C. 4

D. 6

Answer: D

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