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Which three parameters must match to establish OSPF neighbor adjacency? (Choose three.)

A. the process ID

B. the hello interval

C. the subnet mask

D. authentication

E. the router ID

F. the OSPF interface priority

Answer: BCD

Which three service offer VLAN transparency for WAN Ethernet services? (Choose three)







Answer: BEF

What are two mechanisms that directed ARP uses to help resolve IP addresses to hardware addresses? (Choose two)

A. It removes address-resolution restrictions, allowing dynamic protocols to advertise rou information for the device loopback address.

B. It uses ICMP redirects to advertise next-hop addresses to foreign hosts.

C. It uses series of ICMP echo messages to relay next-hop addresses.

D. It removes address-resolution restrictions, allowing dynamic protocols to advertise routing information for the next-hop address.

E. It uses a proxy mechanism to allow a device to respond to ARP requests for the addresses of other devices.

Answer: BD

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